Are you ready to learn

the secrets of nutrition?

food is a basic necessity. it brings us joy, fuel, and important, vital building blocks.

But food can also make us sick and unhealthy if it's too much or not the right type for our body. 


The choices that we make every single day determine the outcome and impact on us. 


here is what what you will learn for the first 12 weeks of your journey:

Nutritional Cooking
Food and nutrition:
  1. How to recognize and differentiate the food that you eat.

  2. How to eat according to your body's needs.

  3. Tips on how to shop and what to buy.

  4. Tricks to replace the food that makes you sick with healthy options.

  5. Maniulating macros and caloriesaccording to your goals.


I will not give you a meal or a diet plan. I will educate you on how to have a better relationship with the food that you eat, which will result in a healthier lifestyle.