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3 Reasons Why You Want To Be More Fit.

If you followed any of my content, you are probably familiar with the term Fit Life, or at least what I mean by using it. For those of you who don’t know, let me explain.

Being fit does not mean having a lot of muscles or following a certain diet plan. It does not mean that you spend all of your time at the gym, hammering yourself, while being on a low-calorie diet, hoping to get to the look of a bodybuilder.

Being fit means, that you understand how your body works. You are aware of its needs and you make sure to provide them to it, in order to function at its best. Being fit means that you chose the right types of food which are appropriate for your body’s health and make sure you incorporate enough activity in your life, so your body moves freely without pain.

Being fit is a lifestyle that evolves constantly in a strive for a better quality of life.

But, why would you want that? Even though it seems obvious, for some reason, very few people adopt this type of lifestyle and really rip off the benefits of it. In this article, I am going to try to convince you to look a bit deeper into the concept of Fitlife by providing you with 3 good reasons or benefits that come with it.

1. Being fit makes you capable of much more.

I recently shared a story about how having a strong grip and somewhat fast reactions, saved me from hurting myself, when my dog pulled me down the stairs. Had I not managed to grab the staircase handrail, I would have found myself sliding down, with a significant bruise at my coccyx, and probably a few grazes, god knows where.

I know that it is a silly example, and of course, my life was not threatened, but I rather get away from all that discomfort and pain by simply spending a bit of my time exercising and getting my body stronger.

The point that I am trying to make is that being physically healthy increases our chances of not only sparing ourselves from injuries but also increasing our capabilities.

Being able to walk longer, being able to pull yourself up if needed, being able to carry heavy items, being able to stabilize your body in certain situations makes you capable of much more.

Not only that, but, having a healthy and nutrient danced, toxins-free diet is going to ensure the optimal way your body works, which is going to make it easier to battle certain, viruses and infections. Being fit and healthy will help you recover faster and easier from any type of intruders in your body.

Take Friday night out for example. Which body is going to recover faster after a night of partying having alcohol and what not? The one that most of the time is nourished with proper foods and is working with ease, or the one that is constantly battling with toxins and preservatives, making it slow and sick?

2. Being fit improves your quality of life.

I know it sounds weird and a lot of people may argue that if they sacrifice a bit of sleep for the sake of making more money, that will be far more beneficial for their quality of life. Well, in my experience, fitter and healthier people have much more energy, way less brain fog, and are generally happier and calmer than people who are suffering from chronic diseases, created by themselves.

Think about it, being fit can allow you to carry the shopping bags yourself, without asking for help, or having to use a car for example. Being fit can make it easier to open jars, put heavy items above your head, move objects with ease. Especially for women, being capable of doing some of that stuff themselves, is extremely empowering, which I am sure will improve their quality of life significantly.

But it does not stop here. Having a healthy diet and regular activity will minimize the chances of developing modern diseases, such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc… That means less worrying about complications, less money spent on medication, and less toxic for your body. Isn’t that better quality of life?

What about awareness?

Being able to notice that, something has been off with your sleep or a diet lately and adjusting it can be a far better treatment for headaches than constantly popping ibuprofen.

I am talking from experience here. My grandma is far busier to blame solar flairs for her headaches and has convinced herself that pills for headaches are the only way to get through the day. I don’t blame her, but I do believe that her quality of life can be slightly better if she makes some effort in other directions.

In my opinion, a better quality of life means being able to go through the daily tasks with more ease. To be able to approach difficulties, rationally and with enough energy and a clear mind so you get them fixed easier and faster. This brings me to the last reason, why you would want to be fit.

3. Being fit contributes to a better society.

Well, that can be argued in many ways. This is why I want to note that this is my opinion, personal experience, and believes, so take it the way you want.

If you are capable of enduring more, having more energy in general, and not relying on pills to go through the day (whenever is possible of course, I am referring to the diseases that can be reversed) you are far more likely to contribute to the world with your brighter ideas, experience, and clear thinking.

If we make sure that we have a good quality of sleep, we can then help more people, or make fewer silly mistakes that can eventually cause someone’s life.

A simple example:

In the book called ‘’Why we sleep?’’, Dr. Matthew Walker, explains that ‘’vehicular accidents caused by drowsy driving (caused by sleep deprivation) exceed those caused by alcohol and drugs combined’’

I mean, I personally feel responsible for other people on the road as well, since my actions can significantly harm them.

This is just a fraction of what we can cause to ourselves and to others if we do not take the time and effort to take good care of our health and quality of life. Of course, there are thousands of different things that can be taken into account. But I do believe that even on an individual level, we can make a massive difference and benefit the society that we live in.

Being fit does not happen overnight. It took me quite a while to realize what it actually is and develop habits around it. And I am still not there yet. No one is perfect and nobody will ever reach ultimate health. But the pursuit of it is what makes it unique. It is what inspires others to look into it and see that there is hope. It is some sort of light in the tunnel that is worth following even tho that tunnel never ends.

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