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The Best Way To Eat And Train For Maximum Results

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

What is up folks? In today’s, rather short blog, I want to share with you a thought that is being in my mind for a while. It is kind of alarming, due to the fact that is a concept followed by a lot of people and I just don’t think it is very healthy.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I see more and more posts or YouTube videos with titles like: ”Do this chest workout”. “This back workout is going to make your back thicker than ever”. Try this exercise for massive triceps”. And so on and so forth.

OK. Where do I see the problem?

There is nothing wrong with promoting working out on yourself. I encourage it. Social media is full of influencers that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. And that is perfect. But the problem is when an X influencer makes a video, showing the best exercise for the chest, FOR HIMSELF. That does not mean that this exercise is going to help everyone else.

Nobody talks about mobility, nobody talks about rotator cuff issues, nobody talks about the upper crossed syndrome. It is all, big chest, big biceps, six-pack abs, etc… And what happens when a guy with rounded shoulders, decides to build a big chest because this is the trend now. He asks Google for the best chest workout. And Google does not care about his rounded shoulders. Google does not care about the inability of that guy to properly activate his chest. Google just shows the most relevant results such as: “Do this workout if you want to have a massive 3D chest”. What happens next? The guy starts to lift heavy weights with poor technique, without caring about his shoulders position. Resulting in even worst upper crossed syndrome, more back and shoulders pain, and on top Of that, still small chest.

It is nobody’s fault. No influencer wants to hurt people. They just want more views. Or to sell more products. And that is fine. But does it really help people?

The point that I am trying to make is that the best workout for every person is the personalized one. Because, if that same guy knows that his shoulders are bad and “The best chest exercise” is actually going to make it worst, he will spend enough time fixing the shoulders and then doing “The best chest exercise”.

It is the same with food. “This is how I eat to get shredded” and they show one day of eating. Immediately I go: “OK, chicken is the way to be shredded”. There is no other meat on the planet that is better for my personal goals. Just because the guy from YouTube said so. Or other products like carbohydrate sources, or even ways of eating.

I have discovered that eating carbs at dinner disturbs my sleep. Why should I not, just because the shredded guy does so?

The most alarming for me is the supplements. And it is probably the most dangerous. A lot of kids would take any sort of supplements, just because their favorite influencers advertise a bunch. Do not get me wrong, I take supplements too. But not all sorts of supplements. I need vitamin D, so I take it. I need fish oil, so I take it. And that is it. That is why it is called SUPPLEMENT. To supplement an INDIVIDUAL. That is why there are so many. Because everybody needs different type and amount. I was this person for a long time, and I am telling you, you do not need them. You do not need all the stuff that someone is advertising. If you do need it, it is some specific one. You cannot be deficient in everything.

We are all unique and different. This is why we need a personal approach to everything. That is why we benefit from different stuff. We look different, we eat differently, we move differently, and live differently. We cannot all be the same. There is no universal approach for everyone.

I highly encourage you to be active, I highly encourage you to eat well, but mostly from all I encourage you to become aware. To educate yourself, to study your body, and be aware of how it works, so you know what to give it. If you know what exercises you need to do for certain issues, or overall conditions then do it, if you know what foods are liked from your body then eat them. And if you don’t, then look for help. Hire a personal trainer, which is going to do a personalized plan (hopefully) that is going to fit your lifestyle and needs. Go to see a nutritionist that is going to make a personalized food plan that you can follow and give the best to your body.

We are all different and unique. We function differently, so to function at our best, we are all going to require different stuff. Find them out.

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