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Gain more self-awareness, using the free guides and tools, designed to help you with your Fit Life journey.

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Make The Right Choices When Selecting Food.

Healthy eating is not that hard, expensive or tasteless. Healthy eating is an approach of making the right choices regarding to food. learn more about food and choose from a list of over 200 product, commonly available in the supermarkets

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Become Aware Of Your Eating Habits.  

Before you change any habit, first you must become aware of it. Tracking is one of the best ways to become find out more about your behavior towards something. you have. Use this one week template, to log your food and become ware of your eating habits. 

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Learn how your body works

What better way to learn behavior patterns than observing. This journal is going to help you understand how you tend to eat and how that affects: energy, mood, stress, pain, sleep.  

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Make healthy food your best friend

Learn more about the values of food and nutrition. learn how the food industry is impacting your taste receptors and how you can reset them back to normal. 

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Achieve your first pull up or prfect your form.

Strengthen your back and learn the technique needed to perform your first pull-up. this guide will teach you step by step how to get your chin over the bar.

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Learn the essentials

This small book serves as a guide for building the foundations for a fitter and healthier body.

It consists of 21 small chapters giving you the most essential information that you need to know.  

Start moving the big rocks today.

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